CSR Policy of SumiRiko Poland

As a member of Sumitomo Riko Group, SumiRiko Poland is conducting its business activities based on the “The Sumitomo Spirit” and “The Sumitomo Riko Group Management Philosophy” as well as “Sumitomo Riko Action Charter”.

Sumitomo Riko Group Action Charter (pdf)

Sumitomo Riko Group Global Compliance Conduct Guidelines (pdf).

Materiality of SumiRiko Poland

SumiRiko Poland bases its corporate action on the two main principles of respect for human rights (“a company that values all people”), and compliance (“a company that abides by laws, regulations and the international code of conduct”), and places emphasis on the four themes of safety, environment, quality and contribution to society in the work we do.

Materiality of TRI (Poland)

Stakeholders of SumiRiko Poland

In line with defined materiality as described above and based on the Sumitomo Riko Group Action Charter, SumiRiko Poland has defined its major stakeholders as below.

Stakeholders of TRI (Poland)