We constantly intensify our contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to the sustainable development of society. Based on the understanding that fulfilling this responsibility is of the utmost importance, we emphasize to our employees that "compliance with the law takes priority over profits".

As part of such policies, we make every effort to spread compliance awareness among all employees by internal training and by distributing brochures entitled "Code of Conduct”.

Compliance Committee

The SumiRiko Poland Compliance Committee was formed in 2009 and chaired by the President, and its membership includes General Managers of all departments. The Compliance Committee meets at least once a quarter to discuss compliance promotion measures and related issues.

CSR meeting

Starting in 2014, SumiRiko Poland organizes CSR meetings where all General Managers meet, report and discuss following points:

  • Planning CSR policies and activities.
  • Significant issues concerning social contribution.
  • Corporate ethics, compliance.
  • Significant issues concerning risk management.