SumiRiko Poland makes a concerted effort to protect the natural environment and contribute to the resolution of environmental issues.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy of SumiRiko Poland


SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o. aims at satisfying our clients’ needs in the area of automotive part production, considering the care for the natural environment, and application of the highest work safety standards. We achieve this through following legal regulations and other requirements referring to environmental and work safety aspects, as well as through continuous improvement in environmental efficiency and ergonomics at workstations (Certyficate) (ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALT AND SAFETY POLICY 2021)


Our activities in this area include particular:

  • minimizing the risk of environmental pollution,
  • assurance of conformity with clients’ legal requirements,
  • improving the awareness, responsibility and involvement on the part of all employees as regards environmental protection and work safety, as well as promotion of pro-environmental activities and the attitude of responsibility for one’s own and other people’s safety in the local community,
  • undertaking activities aimed at reducing the volume of raw materials used, waste generated, and rational water management,
  • preventing injuries and occupational diseases,
  • using the latest achievements of science and technology to assure optimal working environment conditions.
  • Monitoring and elimination from our products restricted substances for use by customers.


As the Management Board of SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o., we:

  • commit all employees to pursue this Policy,
  • declare our full commitment to the achievement of objectives of the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy through systematic implementation of the assumptions forming part of the goals and tasks,
  • assure relevant resources and funds, as well as continuous system improvement.


Environment Management System

The SumiRiko Poland environment management system has been established on the basis of ISO 14001 standard (acquired in 2004) and has been maintained. (Certificate to download)

Technology for minimization of VOC emission

Adsorbing-catalytic system 

Volatile organic compounds, generated during the production process, are extracted and thickened on the adsorbers. They are then incinerated at a very high temperature in a catalytic afterburner, with the presence of a catalytic agent. As a result, only compounds not harmful to the environment are released in the atmosphere.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Industrial wastewater generated during the production process may not be directly released to the sewage system. Therefore, prior to that process the wastewater is pretreated: first neutralized, then filtered by means of sediment traps and sand filters. Chemical compounds in the form of dry deposits are directed to the waste treatment company. The sewage water cleared in such a way is directed to the municipal sewage system. The sewage treatment process is fully supervised and monitored by internal and external laboratories.

Waste reduction/management

The waste produced by us in majority is subject to the recycling process; 98% of our waste is recycled or reused (only 2% goes to landfill). We are constantly trying to reduce the volume of waste. In 2013 we reduced waste volume by 9% compared to 2012.

Chemical Substance Control for Purchased Products

SumiRiko Poland manufactures a wide range of industrial rubber and resin products. Raw materials and other items containing various chemical substances are used in the manufacture of these products. We manage chemical substances appropriately to minimize their environmental impact in the vicinity of our facilities and to ensure workplace and product safety.

TRP Environment Fund

In 2007 we created the TRP Environment Fund. Finances generated are obtained from the sale of waste generated in our plant (plastic, aluminum). The idea of this fund is to support the ecological education of children and youth of the local area.

Responsibility for Global Environment Responsibility for Global Environment Responsibility for Global Environment Responsibility for Global Environment Responsibility for Global Environment