On October 16, almost all 382 seats were filled in the cinema hall of the Wolbrom Cultural Center. The young people entering the halls immediately felt like at a disco, greeted with colophones and music. Everything was to be used to create the atmosphere of the event and great fun at ease, which, due to recklessness or irresponsible behavior of its participants, may end tragically.

            On the cinema screen it is possible to see a speeding car with young people, everyone is happy and amused. Suddenly the music stops playing, the lights go out and a terrifying screeching of sheet metal is heard. This is the body of a car, at the wheel of which one of the participants of the event sat, a freshly baked driver who failed to control the vehicle at the turn…

Dead silence. “It could be me, it is my peer…” every observer sitting in the audience seems to think.

One by one, people who have seen such situations come out on stage and use words to paint the picture of their experiences. Every day they face misfortune caused by bravado or recklessness of young, inexperienced people. They try to save their lives, support their relatives, rehabilitate after the irreversible consequences of road accidents. If someone had warned the heroes of the film beforehand, told them their story, they might have changed their minds and would not have sat behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

            This is what the Road Show program is supposed to be – an emotional, multimedia educational program addressed to young people above 15 years old. During the program, young people meet with representatives of the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, but also with accident victims or the families of fatalities who show the young people the accident from a completely different perspective. Thanks to the cooperation with the Center of Initiatives for the Improvement of Road Safety, we managed to organize the Road Show in Wolbrom.

            So far, as a company, in our activities we have focused on introducing the rules of the road to preschoolers and the little ones. There are many campaigns and actions promoting road safety for the youngest road users, while the youth is the least educated group in this respect, and at the same time this group is the most frequent of road accidents perpetrators and victims. So we invited all pupils of the School Complex at ul. Skalska in Wolbrom and third-graders from two middle schools in Wolbrom. At driving license courses, young people learn about the rules and road signs, but nobody talks about the consequences of accidents. The Road Show program is a complete surprise, it is an hour that forces to think and reflect, it includes audiovisual effects, information and testimonies of direct witnesses and participants of a road accident. The whole is accompanied by photos and videos from road incidents, but the program does not show drasticity and misfortune. The mood, lighting, music and sound effects play a very important role in the whole meeting. Tension is built up, carelessness collides with the moment of the accident.

            At the end, when it would seem that nothing can surprise the young audience anymore, a young boy comes onto the stage, painstakingly and with great difficulty. He used to be a promising swimmer, had a beautiful girlfriend. It was a few years ago, in November. There was no snow yet, but the street was covered in ice. He was just starting preparations for the Olympics. In the morning he got behind the wheel, drove quite fast, suddenly skidded. Doctors did not give him a chance to survive, but by some miracle he succeeded, now he wants to testify how much effort each day costs him, how many activities he had to re-learn, how many people turned away from him. They didn't know how to behave, they couldn't stand it. Time cannot be turned back, nothing will be like it used to be, every day is a struggle.

            The whole meeting ends with a short film presenting the stories of one prisoner - father, husband, driver, the man who killed. He didn't want to do it, didn't notice the passer-by, but he had to face the consequences.

It is a large dose of education combined with emotions, young people leave the cinema hall in total silence…



The name of company and position, titles are as of the date on which the activity was held.